GPS Sundara Sets Example for Quality Education in Bandipora


Tauseef Ahmad

BANDIPORA, May 11: In a ray of hope for education in the far-flung village of Bandipora district, the government primary school in Sundara is setting an example by providing quality education to its students.

While other government schools in the district lack infrastructure and accommodation facilities, the Sudnara school boasts up-to-date facilities that have impressed parents and students alike.

Located in a small hamlet Sudnara, this school has long struggled with poor infrastructure, with many parents forced to admit their children in private schools located in nearby towns, despite the high fees and inconvenience.

However, things started changing when the government decided to focus on providing quality education in rural areas, with a special emphasis on improving infrastructure and facilities in government-run schools.

“Earlier my friends were enrolled in private school in nearby town. I would feel bad when I would see them going in school bus in the morning but now they all are in my school. Witnessing an improvement in education in our school, their parents decided to enroll their children in our school,” Aisha a class 5th student told Kashmir Despatch.

Parents and students alike have expressed happiness and satisfaction with the quality of education and facilities provided in this school, which they say is at par with any of the private schools in the area.

“The facilities in government schools have improved significantly over the past few months, and the teachers are very dedicated and passionate about their work. My child is now learning and growing at a much faster pace than before,” said Bashir Ahmad, a parent of one of the students who recently shifted from a private school to a government school, Kashmir Despatch.

Another parent, Ghulam Rasool, echoed similar sentiments, saying that she was initially skeptical about enrolling her child in a government school, but was pleasantly surprised by the quality of education and infrastructure provided.

He also said that the primary school has 250 students enrolled who have been given quality education by teachers posted there.  The school has eight teachers posted who are dedicated and are working very hard to provide quality education to these backward students.

“The government has done an excellent job of improving the infrastructure and facilities in these schools. The classrooms are well-equipped, and the teachers are very knowledgeable and experienced. My child is now getting a much better education than before,” she said.

Kashmir Despatch had carried several news stories on poor infrastructure and low quality education system in Bandipora district. Primary school in Sundara has now set an example of government’s commitment towards providing better education to the students of far flung areas.

Speaking with the Kashmir Despatch the Head of the institution said that the school has a unique way of teaching if any student finds weak in any subject he has been taught extra during the free time by teachers to clear his concepts.

The parents hailed the efforts of the education department and teachers posted there for providing better education and environment for the students which motivates them to enroll their childs from private to government institutions.

“We are very pleased with the progress made in Sudnara village, and we hope to replicate this success in other parts of the zone as well. Education is the key to development, and we are committed to providing quality education to every child in the country,” Zonal Education Officer Hajin told Kashmir Despatch.


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