Gulmarg Welcomes 15 Lakh Visitors, Including 9,750 Foreign Tourists

Gulmarg Welcomes 15 Lakh Visitors, Including 9,750 Foreign Tourists

Suhail Khan

Gulmarg, Dec 13 : Gulmarg, a health resort in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district, has experienced an extraordinary surge in tourism this year, attracting approximately 15 lakh visitors. Among these visitors, a notable figure of 9,750 were foreign tourists.

An official told Kashmir Despatch that alongside the impressive numbers of foreign tourists, the resort also welcomed 10 lakh domestic tourists and 30,000 local tourists. This influx has undoubtedly contributed to the flourishing tourism industry in Gulmarg.

The official said that from January to November. During this period, a total of 1,503,606 visitors explored the beauty and offerings of Gulmarg. Among these, 1,097,983 were domestic tourists, 395,873 were local tourists, and 9,750 hailed from various foreign countries.

The official highlighted that Gulmarg witnessed a particularly high number of foreign tourists during the winter months of January, February, and March, with a total of 3,761 visitors. Additionally, August and October also saw an influx of foreign tourists, with 1,228 and 1,047 respectively.

Furthermore, the official noted that the peak tourist season in Gulmarg occurred during June and July, where the region experienced the highest footfall with 208,011 and 215,465 visitors respectively.

The surge in tourism to Gulmarg highlights the peaceful environment of Naya Kashmir.

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