It is an irony of fate that we are some kilometres from Lalchowk, however, we are still devoid of many facilities, particularly transport facility, that has made our lives quite difficult. It is unimaginable how much we suffer due to this problem. Let us try to know the issue in detail.

First is that we don’t know which district we belong to. A sane person will laugh at our situation when they come to know that we don’t belong to any district in actual sense.

According to paper work, we belong to Budgam. However, in case of any developmental project, we are suggested to go to the Srinagar Municipal Corporation to have our work done. In this dilemma, we have been caught in a whirlpool.

The result is that we have not been able to access any concerned official to redress our issue. Some years before, mini bus was started from Lalchowk to Soibugh, but due to some reasons like the arrogant attitude of sumo drivers who run from Soibugh to Shalteng, we were denied this facility.

To add to our miseries, the sumo drivers fill all the seats at Soibugh and don’t leave any seat for the natives of Hajibagh. Many clashes took place in the past due to this but of no avail.

Everyone is disturbed by this but the students and the ill people are most hurt. Students almost miss their exams and the ill escape death quite often. We have approached many authorities but of no avail. They promised to redress our problems but nothing happened on the ground level.

So, in this regard, we want the concerned authorities to look into this matter and start the mini bus service at the earlies that will mitigate our problems. Inconvenience is regretted.

Author : Syed Mustafa Ahmad

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