International Human rights Day observed in Kashmir

International Human rights Day observed in Kashmir

Srinagar 10 Dec : Human Rights Day is commemorated every year all over the world on 10th of December. It was first announced to be celebrated every year by the United Nations General Assembly on 10th of December in the year 1948. It is celebrated at this particular date annually to honour the United Nations General Assembly for declaring the human rights universally. Human rights day was officially established in the meeting of United Nations General Assembly on 4th of December in 1950.

This year the Human Rights Day was celebrated with the theme “Stand Up For Human Rights”. There were a series of events which were organised on the occasion .This day is celebrated to improve the physical, social, cultural and spiritual wellbeing and welfare of the vulnerable group of people globally.

The concept of Human Rights holds great significance in our lives, especially in today’s time when the exploitation of human beings is increasing day by day.

 However the human yearning for basic rights of all the individuals has been a fundamental aspect all through the course of human history. It is this understanding of the basic nature of human rights that we all need to be able to comprehend and realize its meaning, purpose and of course importance in the present times.

Human rights are universal in nature having a legal and moral framework, which aim towards safeguarding the interest of the people from rigorous legal, political and social abuses.

These rights have moral grounds and have found a place in law at both national as well as international levels. They are primarily addressed to the governments for their observance and enforcement.

However, despite these clearly formulated set of human rights, multiple cases of human rights breach at different places of this world have been observed.

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