Internet gag leaves Govt departments defunct in Kashmir; people suffer

Internet gag leaves Govt departments defunct in Kashmir; people suffer

‘Continuous suspension of internet causes great inconveniences to people of all walks’

Gowhar Nazir

Srinagar, Oct 28 : The ongoing internet gag has slowed down the work at various government offices as the concerned officials seem helpless over the issue with the move causing huge inconvenience to the people across Kashmir.

According to wire service the official work at various departments in Kashmir stands affected by the ongoing internet gag, which has created a great inconvenience to the officials and people.

As most of the work at various government departments is being done through the digitalization process which primarily needs an active internet source in order to process the data.

Fayaz Ahmad (name changed), an employee at Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) told that ,“Our primary work is done through the internet and at present due to the suspension of lease line and broadband internet the process at our department has slowed down.”

He said that the department was provided some internet link but the same remains accessible to few sections and most of the times the same internet service remains interrupted. He further added, “The work at our department has affected to a great extent due to the internet gag as we have most of the cases under process from over the last two months.”

According to Moushmi Nazir, a local from Srinagar who applied for a duplicate voter ID at Srinagar Municipal Committee (SMC), “I applied for a duplicate voter identity card three months ago and the same is being denied by the concerned officials citing the reason of internet clampdown.”

She said that she visited the Srinagar Municipal Committee (SMC) five times in the last three months and every time she was told to wait till the internet gag will get lifted from the valley. She further added, “It’s really unfortunate that at present times it takes months, just to get a duplicate voter Identity card.” (KNO)

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