Jammu massacre 1947 ‘worst tragedy’, says Geelani

Jammu massacre 1947 ‘worst tragedy’, says Geelani

Terming the Jammu massacre 1947 as the ‘worst tragedy’, chairman of Hurriyat Conference (G), Syed Ali Geelani has said that “slaughtering lakhs of Muslims jointly by Dogra Army, Indian forces, Hindutwa fascist groups like RSS and Shivsena and other communal forces is a brazen and most barbaric incident human history can ever come across.”

“All the areas of Jammu region witnessed the ugliest and most brutal human carnage and all streets and fields of Jammu region were flooded with blood and flesh of Muslims,” Geelani said in a statement issued to KNS.
Geelani said that “under a deep and well nit conspiracy it was announced that those willing to go to Pakistan are advised to assemble in Jammu police lines.”

“It is here to mention that Hari Singh and its troops had unleashed a reign of terror and Muslim population was not only traumatized but terrified as well and the announcement to send them to Pakistan served a cool breeze and a great sight of relief for them,” he said.

He said that the people assembled in the said venue along with their families including women and kids. “They were boarded in trucks to be taken to Samba. On reaching halfway near a narrow lane, they were deboarded, young and beautiful females were taken away and the rest of people including kids were pumped with bullets. These blood thirsty vultures did not stop there but the vandalism and bloodshed continued for months,” he said.
“Reports of loot, arson, gutting down houses unabated killings poured in from every city and town of Jammu province. Females were molested and gang-raped, some of them jumped in river Chinab to save their chastity and honor. Even the daughter of Chaoudry Ghulam Abas was not speared and was kidnapped. Towns of Kuthwa, Riasi, Udhampour and other adjoining areas were worst hit by these beasts in human skin,” he added.

In these tiring and tragic movements for these helpless Muslims no helping hand came to their rescue, no balm was applied to their bleeding wounds and no human eye was moisted, he said, adding that although the tallest political personality of Kashmir was holding the authority and chair of administrator and all this butchery was being carried out under his glaring eyes but he was more concerned and worried about his own chair.
Geelani said, “Since that day our bloodshed is continuing. As the people at the helm of affairs at that time where acting as deaf mute spectators focused only on their personnel and family gains. After a pause of 71 long years the mindset, thinking and the conduct of the perpetrators is reluctant to change, rather their insensitivity and irresponsive attitude has grown multi-fold.”

He further said that they were ‘traitors’ and traders then and after huge human loss they remain unmoved and numbed today as well. “This is because today’s rulers are the remnants and off springs of the same class of supporters at that time, who bargain our blood for their own benefits,” he said.
Pro-freedom leader said that these fascists and fanatics, with the patronage and facilitation by political faces like RSS, Bajrang Dal and Shivsena, time to time exhibiting their power and muscle along with the armory to challenge the humanity in general and Muslims of the area in particular. “They try to threaten the local populace and remind them of the old scars of 1947,” he added.

Geelani said that “at that time these goons were only active in Jammu region but by the blessings of ‘treasurers’ they have knocked our doors and are successfully and purposefully moving forward to implement their fascist and communal agenda in valley as well.”

“Time is the best heeler, it changes and alters almost everything, but nature of arrogance, greed, lust and slavery fails to change even with the passage of centuries. We as a nation are suffering the same way and subjected to bullets, pallets, arrests, PSAs, raids etc. but our oppressor along with its henchmen continue to hold to their chairs and are busy in delivering mesmerizing sermons to “educate” the people to obey and surrender to the might of oppressor as that is the only way our kids will outshine theirs in every field of a subjugated life,” he said.
Paying tributes to the martyrs of Jammu, Geelani said that “this must be a unique piece of land where such a huge crop of human heads has been harvested by the hatred minds and their mentors.”

Jammu and Kashmir is a single unit and we all will collectively and unitedly fight the forced occupation which will be the best and glorious tribute to all our martyrs including those of November 1947, he said.
Meanwhile, the prayer meeting was held at Hurriyat headquarters regarding Jammu massacre, which was attended by Mohammad Yousuf Naqash, Mohammad Yaseen Aataie, Molvi Bashir Irfani, Khawaja Firdous, Syed Mohammad Shafi, Arshad Aziz and prof. Nazir Ahmad.
Meanwhile, Geelani said that “India is suffering from arrogance of power and is using an imperialistic attitude in Jammu and Kashmir to crush our movement of right to self determination. Since 1947 our nation has rendered unparalleled sacrifices.”

Paying tributes to Mohammad Idrees Sultan and Aamir Ahmad Rather, Geelani in is telephonic address to the mourners of the Aamir Ahmad Rather of Aawneera Shopian, reiterated his pledge to take the ongoing movement to its logical end.

“India is suffering from arrogance of power and has tried its best to muzzle our voice—but has utterly failed to do so, and no power on earth particularly the Indian might, its brutality can never deter us from our much cherished goal of right to self-determination,” Geelani said.

Pro-freedom leader said that situation in the valley is worsening with each passing day and that Indian authorities rely on their military might to suppress people’s aspirations and muzzle voices.
Justifying the resentment from youth, Geelani said that “our youth are resisting, putting an end to slavery and this barbarity.”

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