JeI condemns arrest of its legal expert

JeI condemns arrest of its legal expert


SRINAGAR, Mar 13: Jama’at-e-Islami (JeI) Jammu and Kashmir expresses its deep condemnation over the arrest of its legal expert Mir Assad-ullah of Pulwama by police and terms it a well-planned ploy to retreat Jama’at from approaching the court to contest the “baseless” allegations leveled by the government.

Jama’at according to statement said, Pulwama police before couple of days called Jama’at senior most Rukn Mir Assad-ullah where he was not allowed to go back to home and since then Mir is languishing in police custody which is an ample and spacious evidence that government is not willing to allow Jama’at to approach court and contest the concocted “allegations” leveled by government while imposing ban.

 ‘Since Jama’at is banned, police across the state have unleashed arrest spree which clearly depicts how peaceful voice is being strangulated by repressive and forcible measures? So far government forces have rounded up 300 members and associates among few were slapped by the most draconian law Public Safety Act (PSA)’, the statement said.

Jama’at once again reiterates that the “allegations” leveled by the government of India will be contested in court with the strong and valid argument but caging its legal expert at this juncture seems a well-planned conspiracy to retreat Jama’at from opting legal course of action. Jama’at terms these machinations as cheap, undemocratic and an act of pushing peaceful voice to the wall. Jama’at appeals local and international human rights groups, world community, OIC and pro-people voices to come forward and exhort their pressure upon the government of India to stop this lawlessness in Jammu and Kashmir so that this repressive era will come to an end.

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