J&K Students Association meets Protesting Horticulture Graduates

J&K Students Association meets Protesting Horticulture Graduates

A delegation of the J&K Students Association today met Horticulture Graduates who are protesting against eligibility criteria and advertisement of JKSSB for the past two weeks.

The delegates who met the protesting students are Younus Rashid, Danish Lone, Mudasir Dar, Gazi Muzamil and Nasir Khuehami.

The delegation assured the Protesting Horticulture Graduates that Association will advocate their case before the higher authorities and will impress on them to take all the necessary steps to reframe and re-advertise Eligibility Criteria.

Association in its Statement said that It is absurd that one-year diploma holders (BHT) are eligible for Horticulture Technician-1V posts whereas the professional degree holders (B. Sc. Horticulture graduates) are not eligible. Despite holding master’s and doctorate degrees in horticulture, all are jobless.

Not a single post has been advertised for the degree holders.

Association said that since the inception of the horticulture degree in Jammu and Kashmir, not a single horticulture professional has been enacted in the department due to faulty eligibility criteria and non-referral of posts.

One-year diploma holders are declared as eligible for horticulture Technician-IV posts whereas professional degree holders (B. Sc. Horticulture Graduates) are treated ineligible for the same.

For one and a half-decade, not a single BSC professional got employed. All the skills, efforts and time put into this sector has been lost in aspirations of a career in the same.

Association Urged Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha to Urgently look into the matter and reframe eligibility Criteria for Horticulture Students.

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