JKLF zonal president booked under Public Safety Act

JKLF zonal president booked under Public Safety Act

Srinagar, May 18, : Zonal president of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Noor Muhammad Kalwal has been booked under Public Safety Act (PSA) and was shifted to Mattan Jail Islamabad toady, JKLF said on Saturday.

Noor Muhammad Kalwal was arrested by police on 30th April 2019 and from then he was lodged at police station Kothi-bagh.

Early today, police informed him of being booked under PSA and immediately shifted him to Islamabad Jail, a statement issued by JKLF reads.

Moreover, the PSA of another JKLF leader Zahoor Ahmad Butt who is incarcerated at the same jail from last many months has also been extended by three months by authorities yesterday.

Terming slapping of PSA on Noor Muhammad Kalwal and extension of same draconian law on Zahoor Ahmad Butt as ‘travesty of justice’, JKLF chief spokesman Muhammad Rafiq Dar said that it is shameful and unlawful too on the part of civil administration which is serving as subservient to the police and singing PSA orders without applying their mind and conscience.

He said that in holy month of Ramadhan and at the eve of Eid like festivals, inmates are freed from jails but in Kashmir, jails are being filled with more and more inmates and blood is being spilled ruthlessly by anti-Muslim and anti-Kashmiri rulers without any remorse or shame.

JKLF spokesman said that “from last few days Kashmiri youth are being massacred at will and many civilians too have fallen preys to blood thirsty occupational forces, which in fact is a glaring example of the anti-Muslim attitude of these rulers.”

Paying tributes to all those who were killed during last few days, JKLF spokesman said that this sacred blood and gallantry sacrifices will never go waste and that no stone will be left unturned for taking this sacred mission to its logical and desired goal.

He said that Indian jails and jails of Jammu Kashmir are filled with innocent Kashmiris who have been detained under frivolous and concocted charges only because they hold a political view that is contrary to that of rulers.

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