JKNPP condemns the brutal killing of Hindu bank manager in Kashmir

JKNPP condemns the brutal killing of Hindu bank manager in Kashmir

Press Release

Jammu Kashmir Nationalist People’s Front (JKNPF) Thursday condemned the brutal killing of Vijay Kumar, a bank manager, of the Ellaquai Dehati Bank (EDB) at the Areh Mohanpora village in Kulgam.

The JKNPF termed the killing as a heinous crime against humanity and minority community.

“The targeted killing of people from minority communities has created a sense of fear among them. Earlier Rajini Bala, Rahul Bhat were killed and now it is Vijay Kumar, the enemies of humanity aren’t sparing anyone. These gunmen are on a killing spree in Kashmir. They are in a genocidal mode of minorities,” Sanjay Kumar, party Patron JKNPF said.

In his words of condemnation, Sanjay Kumar said , “I unequivocally condemn the dastardly attack on Vijay Kumar. The sole purpose of such dastardly and heinous acts is to vitiate the atmosphere of Kashmir. I condemn the minorities killing in the strongest possible terms. My heartfelt condolences to Vijay’s family,” he said.

“The security agencies must nab the killers to ensure they face the justice system. Everyone knows who is behind these minority killings and our security forces must deal with these terrorists,” he added.

Party President Sheikh Muzaffar termed the minorities killing as barbaric and an open war against Kashmir.

“Whosoever is killing the innocents from the minority community shall not be tolerated and dealt with a heavy hand. Such elements need to be eliminated at an earliest. They are killers of humanity,” Muzaffar said.

He said that such killings are a national shame for Kashmir.

“Once again I appeal to my Kashmiri people to raise a voice against these inhumane killings,”.

He said “Unless and until people of Kashmir will not unite and raise their voices against the civilian killings, these killings will not stop. People must come forward and condemn, protest against the civilian killings.”

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