Kashmir loses Rs 8416.2 cr due to Covid-19 lock down: KEA

Kashmir loses Rs 8416.2 cr due to Covid-19 lock down: KEA

Srinagar, May 17 : Kashmir economic alliance (KEA) on Sunday said that Kashmir have loses 8416.2 crores due covid 19 lockdown .

A statement issued reads, This interim report is calculated for 60 days of covid-19 lock down started from 19 March to 17 May 2020 (End of 3rd Phase of lock down)on the bases of daily average business in valley The total tentative loses in this period has been calculated 8416.2 cr Approximately. Kashmir Economic alliance will publish full and final report of Business loses in Kashmir after the end of current lock down in valley. The Moreover Eid business in valley is approximately 300 cr. and it starts one week before Ei. Business losses in valley will be increased in coming days.

Per Day Loss1, 4000000

Agriculture, Horticulture, floriculture, sericulture 372cr, Live Stock, 882cr, Production Industries, 1248cr, Construction 874.2cr, Hotel and restaurant 300cr, Transport 1140cr, Real Estate, Housing and Land 900cr, Tourism 510cr, Services 240cr, Education 30cr, trade 1620cr, Handicrafts 300cr, and the total is estimated 8416.2 Crores.

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