Kashmir Uncertainty: Lack of demand forces closure of Poultry farms

Kashmir Uncertainty:  Lack of demand forces closure of Poultry farms

Srinagar, Sep 30 :The demand for poultry consumption in Kashmir went drastically down ever since the uncertainty tightened its grip on the people in Valley on August 5 and as a result, the local poultry farm owners have closed their units. The closure of poultry units across Kashmir has also impacted the demand for poultry birds.

According to a wire news service the poultry business in Kashmir continues to remain affected even after completing the 56th consecutive day of clampdown in the aftermath of the revocation of special status of erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir.

The workers of several farms have left back to their homes by locking down the farms and are still out of contact due to the ongoing cellular gag. As the sudden decrease in demand have not encouraged the owners to resume back their operations in the valley.

Aafaq Ahmad, a poultry farm manager at Khonmoh told , “The sudden move of revoking the special status of erstwhile state of J&K, followed by the sudden restrictions and gag affected our two complete hatches at the farm causing huge loss to business.”

He told , that the workers who were working at their farms have left their farms a long time ago due to the sudden clampdown, while as the communication gag was the main reason that forced them to left back to their home. He further added,” I am not thinking to resume our operations at farm because of the lack of hatch caretakers and the ongoing uncertainty, which is totally unfavorable to conduct any business in Kashmir.”

Mohammad Aslam, a chicken merchant and commission agent based in Srinagar told, “The ongoing uncertainty have affected the consumption of chicken in the valley and the closure of all the hotels and restaurants have furthermore slashed the demand from the markets.”

He told that he don’t find any profit in this business particularly when demand continues to remain short and the supply irregular. He further added,” The chicken consumption is considered a luxury among the people and in the present worrisome situation when Kashmir continues to be locked down since August 5, people rarely think of consuming the non-vegetarian foods.”

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