Kulgam Police arrested 22 persons

Kulgam Police arrested 22 persons

Srinagar, January 29: To curb the menace of illegal river/nallah bed mining and to foil the degradation of the river Veshaw and other Nallahs of the district which makes them vulnerable to floods, even affecting eco balance and endangering the localities nearby, Kulgam Police In its contineous drive and action against illegal mining, extraction and transporting of sand, Gravel, Boulders and other minerals from nallahs illegally especially from river Vaishow.

In this regard, Multiple police teams of district police Kulgam under the close supervision of SSP Kulgam Shri Sahil Sarangal-IPS were constituted, who during multiple raids, patrolling and Naka checkings arrested 22 persons and seized 24 vehicles (15 Tractors, 07 Dumpers, 01 Tipper and 01 JCB machine) involved in extraction and transportation of illegal Mining of minerals from river Veshaw and other Nallahs.

Regarding the incidents, cases vide FIR No 10 & 11/2024 at Police Station Devsar, cases vide FIR Nos 7, 8, 9 & 10/2024 at Police station Qaimoh, cases vide FIR Nos. 27 & 28/2024 at Police station Qazigund, cases vide FIR Nos 11,12 & 13/2024 at Police station Kulgam, case vide FIR No. 02/2024 at Police Station Kund, case vide FIR No. 02/2024 at Police Station Behibagh, case vide FIR No 02/2024 at Police Station Manzgam, cases vide FIR Nos. 03 & 06/2024 at Police station DH Pora and investigation is in progress in all cases.

People are requested to come forward or Dial-112 regarding any information about illegal extraction of these resources either from river Veshaw or from any other Nallah in the district. Kulgam police warns stringent action as per law against those people whosoever found guilty in the said crime.

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