Lal Singh seeks exemption for Jammu province in the newly introduced Land laws in JKUT

Srinagar October 28: Former MP and former Cabinet Minister Ch. Lal Singh reacting to the newly introduced land Laws in JKUT said that Jammu province, which suffered over the year at the hands of the successive governments both in the state and the center because of its nationalist character, should not be treated at par with that of Kashmir.

Both of these provinces are pole apart in every respect including socially, politically, culturally and geographically. Jammu province irrespective of any caste, creed, and religion always stood by the Nation, whereas, Kashmiri leadership cutting across party lines always opposed the Idea of India and played always at the tune of the forces inimical for the peace and prosperity of our country.

It is Jammu province which accommodated all ethnic groups and everyone felt secure on this land of Dogras whether they came from POK during 1947 or recent mass Kashmiri pandit migration in 90s.Whereas Kashmiri leadership in connivance with separatists and across border enemies always caused insecurity and finally caused ethnic cleansing making Kashmir totally a safe hub for religious fundamentalists and extremists. It’s the same leadership of Kashmir which always neglected Jammu province and made the people of Jammu only a commodity of use and throw, due to its political hegemony they manipulated against Jammu in connivance with some forces in New Delhi since 1947.

It was due to their sectarian and anti India mindset that grandfather of Omar and father of Farooq , Sheikh Mohd. Abdhulah used his unbridled power against Jammu either by bringing Resettlement Act, or exemption of orchards from the land reforms act. They treated Jammu as their colony and sucked all its resources in the form of illegal encroachment over the forest land, settling people of Kashmir by illegal land allotment and even settlement of Rohangias in Jammu is a glaring example of their anti Jammu mindset.

Now, Jammu province which whole heartedly supported National interest and waited for long 70 years for the restoration of its Dignity, cannot be treated with the Same yardstick as that of Kashmir. The newly introduced land Laws needs to be introduced in valley only to maintain its age old pluralistic cultural ethos and to maintain its secular credentials by allowing people of different faiths to settle there as a befitting reply to the religious fundamentalists whereas Jammu province, which is already over burdened from various migrations both pre and post Independence, needs exemption of these laws.

DSSP also appeals to the people of Jammu province to unite irrespective of any caste, creed, and religion and oppose any further encroachment upon the identity and resources of Jammu province. DSSP appeals to the Hon’ble PM to treat Jammu province with a sympathetic consideration and give it the status of State and immediately issue amendments in the newly introduced land Laws by giving exemption to Jammu province for the restoration of the faith and confidence of the people here. However, DSSP shall vehemently oppose any such agenda which weakens the Jammu province of its status and harm the interests of its subjects. DSSP shall launch a mass movement and reach out to each and every household of Jammu province to fight for its long pending demand of Jammu as a separate state and shall not refrain to go any extent.

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