Let Govt come clean over medical report on Sumbal incident: Er Rasheed

Let Govt come clean over medical report on Sumbal incident: Er Rasheed

Srinagar, May 28, :  Urging administration to clear confusions and to come clean over Sumbal issue, AIP President Er Rasheed on Tuesday said that if the medical report pertaining to the incident which is being spread through social media is credible, the government needs to place facts before public without any further delay.

In a statement issued to media, Rasheed said that while every human being was shocked about the three year old victim, the medical report now in the public domain not only contradicts the charges but in light of the medical report all dimensions of the case need to be looked into and truth must prevail. Who doesn’t have sympathy with the child but government must ensure that Justice is done and whatsoever is the truth pertaining the incident should come out. While the medical board examining the case is expected to discharge its professional duties without taking sides, justice should be done with the victim, the accused and everyone else.

Government must not hesitate or succumb to any pressure and justice should be done without wasting time, so that emotions of the masses are respected, dignity of the victim is restored and protected and any miscreant does not get any chance to create panic or divide in the society.

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