‘Loot’ In The Name Of ‘Sale’

‘Loot’ In The Name Of ‘Sale’

Hygam Sopore Commercial Outlet Temporary Sealed after Fraud in Geyser Sales

Suhail Khan

Sopore, Dec 11 : In a bizarre incident, a commercial outlet in north Kashmir’s Sopore was temporarily sealed by authorities after allegations of fraud emerged. People claimed that old and repaired gysers were being sold under the guise of a sale.

According to reports, a team from the civil department, led by In-charge Tehsildar Khoie Zeeshan Khan, SDPO Sopore Dr Raies Ahmad, SHO Tarzoo Zia Ul Rehman, and DO Putkha Irfan Ahmad, visited the outlet in Hygam area of Sopore and sealed the unit temporarily following the allegations of fake and fraudulent sales.

Sources informed Kashmir Despatch that the a day before, the commercial outlet in Hygam Sopore had announced a mega sale on gysers with more than a 50 percent discount. However, on the first day of the sale, customers alleged that they were being cheated.

Customers staged a protest outside the outlet, claiming that a major fraud had taken place.

One lady customer expressed her disappointment while talking to Kashmir Despatch, questioning the authorities for not taking action against the alleged fraud seller. She emphasized that the seller not only played with their sentiments but also wasted their precious time.

Another customer, who had come all the way from Budgam, claimed that he took a day off from work to purchase a gyser from the sale, only to receive a repaired gyser of no use. He angrily called out the alleged fraud outlet owner for being so cheap with innocent people. He appealed to Deputy Commissioner Baramulla, Dr. Syed Sehrish Asgar, to intervene and take stern action against such fraudulent individuals who manipulate the sentiments of the poor.

Yet another customer, who had come from Bandipora, described the situation as a big fraud. They were sold second-hand items, despite the outlet owner claiming a major sale. The customer demanded not only a refund but also harsh action against the alleged fraudster.

Another individual recounted how they purchased a gyser the previous day, only to find out it was second-hand when they returned home. This was deeply unfortunate and distressing.

An elderly man lamented that the commercial outlet had advertised on social media that gysers would be available for poverty-stricken individuals at a discounted rate of 3000. However, when they arrived, they discovered it was a scam.

Numerous customers who had come from various parts of Kashmir for the gyser sale expressed their outrage and demanded severe action against the outlet owners.

In-charge Tehsildar Khoie Zeeshan Khan told Kashmir Despatch that the unit has been temporarily sealed, and a thorough investigation has been initiated. He assured that all sales under his jurisdiction undergo proper verification to prevent people from falling victim to such frauds.

SDPO Sopore Dr Raies Ahmad stated that they would conduct a thorough investigation into the alleged fraud. He mentioned that they would also review the business guidelines and take appropriate action if the outlet owners are found guilty.

Reacting to the allegations, the unit owner told Kashmir Despatch that he had guaranteed people five years, however, due to the large influx of customers, not only did they damage his property but they also negatively impacted his business.

He dismissed all the allegations as baseless and stated that he is still urging those who claim to have old geysers to come forward, assuring them that he will refund their money. Additionally, he expressed his willingness to cooperate with the authorities in their investigation of the case.

The unit owner also pointed out that he has proper bills with GST, emphasizing that it is not a fraudulent transaction but a legitimate business sale.

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