Malik family from Arwani South Kashmir lost men like wickets during militancy

Malik family from Arwani South Kashmir lost men like wickets during militancy

Malik family is the largest family in Arwani Bijbehara that is known for the sacrifices rendered by it in the ongoing Kashmir Freedom Struggle. The latest one from the family who was killed in the gunfight was Azad Ahmed Malik alias Dada who is survived by his little daughter, better-half and parents. Azad lost his brother Mubashir Malik in 2003 in an encounter, his uncle and dozens of cousins since the inception of militancy in Kashmir.

Azad, who according to police was involved in the assassination of senior Journalist Shujhat Bukhari and two his two security guards joined militant outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba in 2016. “I had already lost my son Mubashir and wanted Azad to take care of family. I thought he will not join militancy if I marry him to some girl and accordingly I did the same. Azad was the father of little girl child and yet he joined militancy. He was religious and I failed to persuade him to take care of family. Finally as they say it is destiny and you can’t change it,” said Nazir Ahmed Malik, the father of slain militant Azad.

“I feel sorry for her little girl, wife and parents. They are virtually finished,” said neighbor of slain militant.

Tens of thousands of mourners joined his funeral procession while five back to back funeral prayers were offered for him. He was one among six militants killed in Sekipora Bijbehara encounter today. A couple of militants emerged during his funeral prayers and fired some rounds in air in his honour.

“Azad is not the first member from Malik clan who became a prey to Kashmir imbroglio but there are scores of men from the same family who are buried in the local graveyard and all of them were either militants or supporters of militants,” said a relative of Azad to news agency CNS.

“Look at this graveyard. The names inscribed on tomb stones have faded now. There are over 30 men buried in the graveyard who belong to Malik Family of Arwani Bijbehara,” he said and added that all these buried here are related to Azad Ahmed Malik who was killed today.

Some of the men from Malik Family, who have lost life and are buried in the local graveyard include Mubashir Ahmed Malik, Muhammad Yousuf Malik, Shahid Ismayil Malik, Malik Abdul Haq, Muhammad Ismayil Malik, Maqsood Ahmed Malik, Muhammad Shafi Malik, Hussain Malik, Muhammad Azad Malik, Lateef Ahmed Malik, Irshad Ahmed Malik, Muhammad Ashraf Malik, Ghulam Hasan Malik, Shahnawaz Malik, Abdul Hamid Malik, Muna Malik, Manzoor Ahmed Malik and others.

“Malik family is a respectable family in the area. Nobody can forget the sacrifices of this clan,” he said.

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