MC Sopore celebrates “International Workers Day.”

MC Sopore celebrates “International Workers Day.”

Municipal Council Sopore on Monday celebrated ‘International Workers Day’ in order to recognise the contribution of workers to society.

Addressing a large gathering of sweepers in a function at Dak Bunglow Sopore, MC President Masrat Rasool Kar said that on this International Workers Day, let us take a moment to reflect on the invaluable contributions made by the unsung heroes of our society, the sweepers.

She said these individuals work tirelessly to ensure that our streets, drains, and public spaces remain clean and hygienic.

She said that despite the challenges they face, these dedicated workers remain committed to their work, day in and day out. They brave harsh weather conditions and dirty and unpleasant surroundings and often put in long hours to ensure that our communities remain safe and healthy she added.

The MC President said that we must remember that their contributions are critical to our daily lives. Without their efforts, our streets and public spaces would be filled with garbage, debris, and other waste products that pose a significant health hazard to all of us.

She, however, appealed to higher authorities to recognise such sweepers as real heroes.

The MC President also appealed to the higher-ups to pay their incentives for their work done during the COVID pandemic.

Meanwhile, the MC President also appealed to the people of the town to pay for the usage of hoopers or else service would be stopped.

She said once people pay, only hooper service will be functional as driver and oil are being managed from this usage.

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