Meet Freelance Make Up Artist Momina Hamid, Who Helps poor brides

Meet Freelance Make Up Artist Momina Hamid, Who Helps poor brides

Suhail Khan

Those in extreme poverty need a reason to keep on living and be at par with the society. They too have a right to be happy and enjoy their life. But when it comes to a reasonable livelihood, a happy outer look and a suitable wedding, such families lack in every aspect. But in this materialistic world, there are several Samaritans who do care for the needy.

In one such case, a make-up artist from Sopore, Momina Hamid Malik is donating her time to the needy and enriching their lives by the stroke of fine brushes.

“Weddings in our society have turned into a lavish business and people spend lakhs on the weddings of their sons and daughters. However, we have a good number of people who are below the poverty line, we have orphans and destitute who can’t afford a good make-up on their big day.

Watching it all around, I started providing my services free of cost to such girls, and at times at a slashed rates to the middle class families and I am happy for that,” said.
Momina hails from Sopore while talking with Kashmir Despatch.

A social activist who has assisted hundreds of destitute women by providing monetary as well as moral support came up with this project in 2016.

Being a make-up artist was her passion, so she chose to be one.
“Make up artist’ job gives me satisfaction. I earn and as well as I am able to help the needy girls who can just imagine a god make up on their wedding.

Everyone likes to look dazzling at their wedding. But it used to disturb me thinking how can a poor girl, an orphan, afford a make up of thousands of rupees.

I came up with this idea to provide free make up to the orphan girls. For poor girls who can’t afford to pay much, I have a 70% discount for such girls.

My motive is to help these girls and let them cherish their big day as other girls do,” she added.

A freelance make-up artist Moomina started her job in 2019 and is delivering her services at the doorstep of people. But her main focus remains on helping the poor and needy of the society.

“When they (orphan girls) share a smile after the make-up, I feel glad. That gives me satisfaction and a will to help more such girls.

Why should only the rich have all the fun? These girls too deserve to be happy and lively. I am just playing my part,” Moomina added.

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