Meet Muntasir Mohd Dar, JEE topper from Srinagar



Srinagar, May 17: Muntasir Mohd Dar from Srinagar opened up about his approach to conquering one of India’s most challenging exams – JEE. He became a source of inspiration for many young individuals as it reflects the academic prowess and determination prevalent among Kashmiri students.

Muntasir emphasised the significant role his family played in his success. He highlighted the importance of self-study and coaching institutes, advising not to rely solely on coaching institutes; but for true learning, they are essential for providing the foundation. He further stated that the JEE-IIT is not a difficult exam but rather a test of one’s dedication, consistency, and effort.

Hailing from the Nigeen area of Srinagar, Muntasir’s success serves as a testament to the dedication and hard work fostered despite the challenges he faced as a student.

As Muntasir Dar stands as an inspiration, his success story resonates beyond the boundaries of Kashmir, symbolising the potential and hard work of youth to achieve their dreams.

Speaking with ANI, Muntasir Dar said, “From the initial phases, I was interested in the field of Computer Science and always wanted to pursue engineering, which is why I attempted the JEE.”

“Initially, in the Session 1 exams held in January, I didn’t get the marks I expected, but in April, during Session 2, I worked unprecedentedly extra and achieved my goal,” he added.

Over the years, Kashmiri students have been consistently showcasing excellence in various educational sectors, particularly in exams like JEE and NEET.

This trend underscores the region’s commitment to education and the resilience of its youth in pursuing academic goals despite the socio-political landscape.

Muntasir’s accomplishment not only brings pride to his family and locality but also inspires countless other students across the region to strive for academic excellence. His journey is a reminder that with determination, perseverance, and access to quality education, individuals from any background can achieve remarkable feats.


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