Meet Peerzada Waseem: The ace photographer turned cinematographer

Meet Peerzada Waseem: The ace photographer turned cinematographer

Suhail Khan

Hailing from the Sopore town of north Kashmir’s Baramulla district, a place where clicking pictures, videos was always a distant dream but Peerzada Waseem proved it wrong by his dedication and hardwork.

A young talented cinematographer who lives to capture the enchanting views of nature has started his career as a photographer and with his unique skills of photography that delight the eyes of viewers, he achieved the milestone within a short span of time.

During the initial stage of his photography, this young and talented guy travelled, trekked across Jammu and Kashmir and captured all the sections through his lenses which the public loved and praised.

With the passage of time, his hard work, dedication made him a successful and professional photographer across Jammu and Kashmir and later by his ability he debuted as a cinematographer.

Peerzada Waseem was awarded by Lieutenant General DP Pandey, GOC, Chinar Corps for his brilliant work as a cinematographer in the movie “Mouj Kasheer”, “Ehsaas Ek Behtar Kal Ki Aur” which was directed by Suhail Khan.

Besides, Peerzada Waseem is running his own production house namely “Fotos Group Production”

“Working in Kashmir for years I have seen youngsters with such great talent but unfortunately unavailability of a platform always spoils their dreams,” said Peerzada Waseem.

He said that his passion is all about bringing the film revolution to Kashmir so that the youngests especially the artists in Kashmir, will be recognised.

Peerzada further said his future plans are to work for the big screen and with hard hardwork and dedication, achieving that level and position isn’t a big deal.

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