Meet Showkat Mahidin Lone- A young philanthropist of Sopore

Meet Showkat Mahidin Lone- A young philanthropist of Sopore

KD Correspondent

Sopore : The youth in Kashmir are winning hearts for their philanthropic work nowadays. One such youngster from Sopore is winning hearts by his noble work. 

We sometimes go to an NGO and donate some money or stuff and feel content that we have done our share of good deeds. We feel good about ourselves and move on with our lives.

But there are a few people, very few, who literally dedicate their lives to helping the needy Showkat Lone is one such person.

From helping needy and poor families, Showkat Mahidin Lone is even dropping medicines, eatables and other things at the respective doors of the needy and poor of the society. 

His noble acts made him a hero, he is the brand name in town these days. 

Showkat is known for his efforts to help people of the town. He is one of the many youth who worked tirelessly during the covid 19 to help the patients in need of medicines.

Showkat used to pick up his car and drop medicines at the doorsteps without even charging the patients. 

From monetary assistance to medicines, eatables and daily based items, Showkat almost met every single poor family of the town and assisted them in whatever way he could do. 

In a chat with this reporter Lone said he has 

dedicated his life to help those in need and to work towards equality. 

“We cannot sustain ourselves, unless we contribute to the society in some way or the other. I strongly feel if even one person does his bit towards social good, there will be some change,” he says.

Ahead of the Eid, Showkat is on a mission to assist the needy of the town.

Such people who have been working relentlessly with a smile on their face deserve a salute.

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