Metaverse: An Inevitable Change

Metaverse: An Inevitable Change

In 1992, Neal Stephenson wrote an awe-inspiring science fiction novel called Snow Crash that many people liked because of its astonishing ideas which for the first time introduced the world to the concept of augmented virtual reality.

Though some criticised it fearing that someday machines will take over the human race, many others ridiculed its practicality.

However, as the internet began to spread across the globe in late 90’s, pertinently called world wide web, more people became acclimatized with such ideas and researches by software developing companies began.

Recently, Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg has revealed certain plans for commencing an ambitious new initiative that will transcend all the existing operations of the company.

Facebook is further intending to bolster its hardware assets to further bolster the functioning of it’s numerous sister applications.

This is not just a mere upgradation program but rather it is a technological evolution, a new phase in augmented reality that will surpass all what has been experienced by humanity in the past.

People will have their real time avatars representing them in the virtual world, a virtual home, a virtual office space that can be customized at will.

Even, businesses corporations and government agencies can now attend confidential meetings in virtual rooms that will save time and drudgery of travel.

Going to Oxford or any other world class university for a student from the valley of Kashmir will not be a herculean task. Just putting on those sophisticated goggles that are scheduled to be launched by the company, a student can be simultaneously sitting cosily at home while attending the important lectures of renowned physicists at Cambridge.

The people will get an immersive experience on this new evolution of the internet where they can interact, party, debate and even sit at customized sea shores. The avatars will be their new identity.

This is also why Facebook will also be transformed into a new diverse company called Meta. But what about the real world? How will it affect our natural lives? Well that is why Kashmir Despatch will write a follow up to this editorial.

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