Ministry of Railways intensifies efforts to ensure availability of Drinking Water at Railway Stations


Vinod Bhat

New Delhi : The Ministry of Railways is committed to provide potable drinking water to passengers at all stations across the Indian Railways network.

In anticipation of the upcoming summer season and potential heatwaves, the Ministry has reviewed the availability of drinking water at stations and issued instructions to Zonal Railways to ensure adequate supplies. As per the Ministry’s ongoing commitment, all stations strive to provide clean drinking water to passengers in accordance with established norms.

To further strengthen these efforts during the potentially scorching summer months, Zonal Railways have been directed to take the following measures:

·        Availability and Functionality: Ensure all existing water coolers are functional and meet passenger demand.

·        Deployment of Tankers: Deploy water tankers at critical stations to supplement existing supplies.
·        Regular Inspections: Conduct regular checks at stations to confirm water availability across all platforms.

·        Collaboration with NGOs and Community Groups: Actively seek support from Mahila Samitis (women’s self-help groups), NGOs, Scouts and Guides, and other Self Help Groups for the distribution of cool drinking water, particularly near general class coaches.

·        Addressing Scarcity Situations: In areas facing water scarcity, railway authorities will collaborate with Municipal Corporations/State Governments and explore alternative water supply solutions.

·        24/7 Monitoring: Implement a system for round-the-clock monitoring by railway staff to ensure consistent water availability and address any emerging issues promptly.

The Ministry of Railways is committed to providing a comfortable and convenient travel experience for all passengers. These proactive measures aim to guarantee easy access to clean drinking water at stations throughout the summer season.


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