Money-Doubling Scam Surfaces in Kashmir

Money-Doubling Scam Surfaces in Kashmir

Investors Duped of Crores by a Pvt Firm

Suhail Khan

SRINAGAR, Dec 19: In a major financial scandal that has sent shockwaves throughout Kashmir valley, an online survey company Creative Curative Surveys Pvt Ltd is accused of vanishing after promising to double the investments.

The fraudulent scheme has affected thousands, including men, women, and predominantly students, who entrusted their hard-earned money.

Reports reaching Kashmir Despatch said the Chennai-based company, with multiple offices across Kashmir, lured investors with the pledge of doubling their money within 10 to 15 days. The situation escalated when the company’s website became unresponsive, leaving users in the dark about their investments.

Reports of the scam flooded social media platforms in Jammu and Kashmir, leading to protests outside the closed office of Creative Curative Surveys Pvt. Ltd. in Srinagar.

Eyewitnesses told Kashmir Despatch victims gathered at Press Colony Enclave on Tuesday in large numbers, demanding both their money back and legal action against those behind the scam. Protesters specifically blamed one particular YouTuber, whose endorsement played a crucial role in convincing the public to invest.

The company had promoted its dubious investment scheme through popular Kashmir-based YouTubers, who are now being held responsible by the victims for their losses.

The YouTubers assured the public of the scheme’s safety and fraud-free nature, leading to increased trust and investment.

The social media influencers claimed to have personally verified the app’s credibility and security, as shown in the viral videos on social media, which users are now re-sharing.

Amid mounting calls for action, the cyber police of Kashmir are being urged to swiftly investigate the scam and hold those responsible accountable.

Reacting to the online scam, one of the Baramulla-based social media influencers told Kashmir Despatch, “I am with the people in this hour of grief.” He clarified that he only performed paid promotions after properly verifying the company.

He added, “I am also attempting to reach out to the company, but there has been no response.” He further mentioned that the situation is similar for those who invested and are also experiencing difficulty contacting the company.

The Baramulla social media influencer stated that the cyber police have already registered cases regarding this fraud.

Pertinently, investors are anxiously seeking justice for their financial losses, and the situation continues to unfold with uncertainties surrounding the fate of the defrauded funds.

Meanwhile, a senior Cyber Police official told Kashmir Despatch that a number of complaints have been filed against the firm, prompting them to take immediate action.

He said the authorities have acknowledged the seriousness of these complaints and are determined to take strict action against the individuals responsible for perpetrating this scam. Rest assured, the Cyber Police is committed to ensuring justice and bringing those involved to justice.

Meanwhile, taking a strict note of this unfortunate incident, a team of police along with Tehsildar concern sealed the office of Pvt. Company at Karanagar Srinagar on Tuesday evening.

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