My deliverance makes me President Again : Touseef Raina

My deliverance makes me President Again : Touseef Raina

“I am not defaming anyone but people are unnecessary interfering and that is a concern”

Suhail Khan

Baramulla : After dramatic win of the post of president Municipal Council Baramulla Touseef Raina said that the unnecessary interference of people is affecting the developmental work in the district.

Talking with Kashmir Despatch, the re-elected MC President said that he is not defaming anyone but the so-called people are interfering unnecessarily. That is the concern and such practices also affect the smooth work of the institution” he said.

Raina alleged many top political leaders in the town tried to put him down by threatening him in different ways.

“I will not defame anyone now and even will not disclose their names but it’s the public who knows who’s who here and who’s doing the photoshoot and who’s doing it for people and their welfare. My work will narrate my story,” Raina added.

Raina lashed out on the individuals who allegedly in the name of BJP are not only threatening officers but affecting the developmental work for their personal benefits.

He however, appealed to the top BJP leadership and LG administration to intervene into the serious issue so that Baramulla will move towards development.

“I am here for the development of the town, for my own people and will not allow miscreants, unauthorised people to do Gundaraj in my town,” he added.

Earlier in the day a fresh election for the post of President was held in which Touseef who had lost the no-confidence motion that was moved against him by councillors last month won by 2 votes.

In the fresh election total 19 councillors participated and 11 casted vote in favour of Touseef.

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