Navratra festivities illuminate Vecharnag temple in Sgr



SRINAGAR, Apr 09: As a display of religious fervor and cultural harmony, Navratri festivities took center stage in Srinagar as the devotees gathered at the historic Vecharnag Temple to celebrate the auspicious occasion.

The temple grounds echoed with chants and prayers, resonating with the spirit of devotion and celebration.

Local residents and pilgrims alike flocked to the Vecharnag Temple, adorned in vibrant traditional attire, to pay homage to the divine during the nine-day festival.

The atmosphere was filled with joy and reverence as devotees offered prayers and participated in rituals, marking the triumph of good over evil.

One of the devotees said that they look forward to Navratri every year as it brings our community together in celebration and devotion. She added that Vecharnag temple holds immense significance for them, and being able to participate in the festivities here fills their hearts with happiness and spiritual fulfillment.

Another devotee voiced the sentiments, saying the vibrant celebrations of Navratri at Vecharnag Temple fill me with pride and joy. It’s heartwarming to see people from all walks of life come together to celebrate our rich cultural heritage and traditions.

Pertinently, ‘Navratri’ is a time when Hindus celebrate the goddess Durga for killing the demon, Mahishasura. A more powerful God, Lord Brahma, had blessed Mahishasura with the gift of immortality because of his dedication to him, which meant he could never die—(KNO)


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