Now J&K Students Association , Khalsa Aid reaches Banur Punjab

Now J&K Students Association , Khalsa Aid reaches Banur Punjab

150 Kashmiri Students gets benefit in Banur Punjab

Kashmir Despatch Desk

With Kashmiri Students running out of essential items and money, the Khalsa Aid and J&K Students Association Provided 150 Kashmiri Students with groceries and money in Banur area of Punjab. The Students were given essential items in a 25 Kg Kit. The items included rice, flour, cooking oil, soaps and other items.

In a statement issued to Kashmir Despatch spokesperson of association Nasir Khuehami said that we are in touch with Kashmiri students and in collaboration with Khalsa Aid providing them with all necessary assistance. Since students are facing hardships as they have run out of money and are also not getting any monetary help from their parents and families back in the valley, thus they are not only able to pay their college and university fees, the cannot take care of other essentials also. So today, we have distributed packets each containing around 5 kg of rice and 10 kg flour along with sugar, cooking oil, salt and some basic spices to the students besides some other essential commodities.

While Khalsa Aid is providing groceries and essential commodities to students, we are giving them monetary help. While it is not much as about Rs 1,000 a student, in some cases the amount is more if the student is sick. Everyone here is facing financial issues after restrictions were imposed in the Valley since August 5. Students are not able to pay their room rent and are running out of money to many essential commodities,” he said.

Expressing gratitude, Nasir said that, this is real humanity which these braveheart brothers showed by providing Groceries and other essential commodities to hundreds of students in Chandigarh and other areas. He said that, Humanity stems from heart, and Khalsa Aid proved it yet again adding that, humanity comes above all, Moving beyond communal differences, everybody should choose to help people in need & distress.

He said that Abiding by the same philosophy, the Khalsa Aid is reaching out to the Kashmiri students in trouble and offfering every support. He thanked team Khalsa Aid, for their Every Possible Support, added that We’ll never forget your kindness. He said that Khalsa Aid have been tirelessly providing all sorts of help to Kashmiris students in distress.

He said that, Such acts of kindness keeps unity & harmony intact adding that there is no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed, he added. One single step to restore faith in humanity produced a massive wave of positivity and made people believe that we do have some great heroes who are making the World a better place to live, he added further.

Pertainally, normal life has come to a grinding halt across Kashmir for the 49th consecutive day with all business establishments, schools closed while as the public transport continues to remain off the roads. The cellular and internet gag also continues to be in suspension mode since past seven weeks.

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