Our youth deserve a better life, greater opportunities, security, and peace: Syed Altaf Bukhari


Sogam: Apni Party (AP) President Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari on Thursday said that the continuing political uncertainty, unrest, and violence have damaged J&K to its core; and it has deprived the youth of a desirable life and opportunities, over the years. He called for a change for a better scenario to ensure peace, prosperity, and greater opportunities for J&K youth.

According to a press statement issued here, Bukhari was speaking at a rally at Sogam Lolab of north Kashmir’s Kupwara district.

Party’s senior vice President Ghulam Hassan Mir, General Secretary Rafi Ahmad Mir, District President Kupwara Raja Manzoor, and other senior leaders also spoke at the largely attended public rally.

Addressing the gathering, Bukhari said, “Kashmir’s traditional political parties and so-called leaders have always caused harm to this land and its people for their political and personal interests. Their politics has always paved the way for the hatred and violence, which eventually has hurt political rights and the economic interests of the people.”

Talking about the challenges to ensure a better future for the youth, Syed Altaf Bukhari said, “It is painful to see highly qualified and well-skilled youth losing the prime days of their lives while grappling with unemployment. This is despite the fact that God has bestowed us with a lot of potentials. Given its natural resources and beauty, Kashmir should have not been grappling with the things like unemployment, poverty, and so on; but the negative politics, false deals, and unachievable promises by the traditional politicians, irrespective of their ideologies have caused destruction to this place.”

Syed Altaf Bukhari urged people to get rid of the emotional politics to ensure peace and tranquillity in J&K.
 He said, “To move forward and ensure a better future for our young generation, we need to make sure that we have sustained peace here. Peace will pave the way for everything we are looking for. Progress, development, industrialization, economic opportunities in J&K, and political and economic empowerment for its people are only possible if we have a peaceful environment here.”

He added, “We can have tourist destinations at every place in the Valley; Also, we have the potential for larger industrialization and development here.  Why should our youth grapple with unemployment and poverty? God has given us everything we need, but it is our responsibility to create a conducive environment to explore the potential.”

Hoping that people will elect the Apni Party in the forthcoming assembly elections, the party president promised a better J&K in terms of peace, prosperity, and development.

He said, “You can trust us because we only promise what is achievable. We do not believe in lies and false deals. We will not promise you the moon and the stars. We promise that we will make every effort to ensure sustained peace, durable prosperity, and the development of Jammu and Kashmir. I assure you, this is achievable.”

“The traditional politicians have been alluring you on the name of Azadi, autonomy, self-rule, protection of article 370, and so on. Have they fulfilled any of these promises during the past so many decades? They promised unachievable things to you just for their political gains. They fooled you and misled you. But the Apni Party does not believe in false promises. We are God-fearing people. We cannot lie and deceive our own people for the sake of votes and political gains.” He added.

Bukhari promised people that the Apni party, if elected to serve the people in J&K, will ensure economic benefits to the people from day one. He reiterated, “As I have said it earlier that we will enhance the marriage assistance for the women up to One Lakh rupees from the existing assistance of Rs 50,000: and widows’ pension from existing RS 1000 up to Rs 5000 each beneficiary. Also, we would provide five hundred units of electricity free to the consumers of the Valley in the winters and three hundred units in the Summers. While in Jammu, five hundred units of electricity would be given free in summers and three hundred units in winters. Additionally, we will give four gas cylinders free to every household annually. We will make every effort to make sure that an end is put to the unemployment and poverty in J&K, which we believe is a land of opportunities.” He added, “In terms of development in J&K, we will build an excellent infrastructure for our education and health sectors in every part of the Union Territory (UT).”

Besides Syed Altaf Bukhari, senior Vice President Ghulam Hassan Mir, party general secretary Rafi Ahmad Mir, District President, Kupwara, Raja Manzoor, senior leaders including Abdul Rahim, Mohammad Amin Bhat, Abdul Rashid Bhat, Khalid Badana, Hafeezullah, Farooq Ah chee, Ms. Somaya Ji, Ms. Firdosa Ji, S. Ashraf Andrabi, Manzoor Ahamad, Ghulam Hassan Dar, Ms. Parveena Ji, Parveez Sahib,  Faraz Sahib, Aakash sahib, Nasir Ahmad Peer, Ali Mohammad Awoora, Javid Ahmad Geelani, Farooq Ahmad, Raj Mohammad, and others were present at the event.


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