Parsa’s opened 18th outlet in Baramulla

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Baramula, Oct 28: Parsa’s, valley’s fastest growing and award winning food chain opened its eighteenth outlet today at Baramulla.

The outlet was inaugurated in presence of all the Franchisee Owners of brand Parsa’s. 

While the outlet is located in the heart of Baramulla town, nothing stopped hundreds of people from thronging for the opening of the much-loved Kashmiri brand, known for its pocket-friendly rates and quality food.

The franchisee is run by two friends, Asif Jameel and Syed Faisal who have recently finished their degrees in Engineering.

“I want to expand my horizon and it is my dream to take our scrumptious amd pocket-friendly  rolls to every corner of the state and outside, while creating more businessmen.

Majority of my franchising partners have just stepped out of colleges and hold degrees in business management. I want to create a pool of good, genuine and young businessmen”, Javid Parsa added.

His dream seem to be on a fast track to realisation as the brand that already has 17 outlets functioning and is set to open up in Chenab Valley, Pune and Hyderabad by year end.

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