Past 71 Years Our Nation Has Rendered Unparalleled Sacrifices: Geelani

Past 71 Years Our Nation Has Rendered Unparalleled Sacrifices: Geelani

Oppression has touched new heights of alarming linein Jammu and Kashmir and the oppressor has turned this beautiful place into a battle field and there seems to be no end to it. In these circumstances, we have only two options, either to migrate or fight this oppression. Since migration is not possible for us we will have to rise to the occasion and fight against the oppression, said chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference, Syed Ali Geelani, in a telephonic address to the mourners of the slain Saqib Ahmad.

He said that New Delhi instead of accepting ground realities, is hell-bent to suppress us with its military might, andreiterated his pledge to take the movement to its logical end and will never allow any body to barter the precious blood of martyrs. We need to be aware of this and we are duty bound to safe guard their sacrifices and should desist from such activities which prove detrimental for our movement, he said.

Hailing the sacrifices rendered by youth, Hurriyat chairman said that their blood is precious than Haram-e-Paak and the people who bargain these sacrifices for their personnel gains are those consciousness people who betray their milli interests and will definitely get punished for such deeds in hereafter.

He said that since past 71 years our nation has rendered unparalleled sacrifices, thousands were caged and brutally tortured, properties worth billions razed to ground and looted, and sexual assault and rape used as war weapon. But India has not been able to suppress our emotions with this brutality.

Stressing upon people in general and youth in particular, Hurriyat chairman said that we need to strengthen our faith, avoid miss deeds and nourish the Islamic culture in our homes and society without indulging in sectarian hatred and social evils.

He said that election drama and the multi faced political stooges pose as our saviors to fetch them votes in the name of roads, electricity and water, but in reality they are the people who strengthen the unholy bond of slavery so nation as a whole should desist from any support to them.

Pro-freedom leader that our movement has become so precious that no perk and privilege can compel us for any compromise.

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