Patent Man of Kashmir Prof. Gh Mohiuddin Bhat is No more

Patent Man of Kashmir Prof. Gh Mohiuddin Bhat is No more

Taught Rules and Importance of patents

Dr M A Shah

On many occasions, particularly while sharing dice with Prof G M Bhat, I remember he used to educate the youth about the importance of inventions and rules of filing the patents. The patent man of Kashmir who is no more now due to health complications related to COVID-19, has immense contributions in science and society. While educating about patents in brief, it is an exclusive right granted to an inventor and allowing the inventor to exclude others from using or selling his/her invention, provided it fulfills the criteria of novelty, inventiveness and industrial applicability. Still fresh in my memories, Prof Bhat used to say that there are several reasons why patents are important to the individuals and institutions, which include.

(i)              It provides incentives to the individuals. Quoting examples, the inventors from Kashmir got recognition and handsome incentives for their creativity.

(ii)            The incentives encourage innovation, which subsequently improves the quality of life of people.

(iii)           It stimulates research, which results in technological development and gives recognition to institutions/ universities and subsequently to countries.

University students and graduates while being supervised by a specialist in order to obtain an experience with the research process, can file the patents. They only need to work on new and innovative projects. They can play an important role in innovation and the university, which sponsors the students in national and international exhibitions, may gain not only the profitability, but also the great reputation.  For a student who lacks the financial means, the patenting process may remain a dream and it is important for colleges and universities to support innovation projects. This primarily reduces the cost and time spent in patenting of students. Students mostly choose the university according to its reputation and outputs, which can be research, innovations and patents. Students do not know which firms can make use of their innovations and firms do not know which scientific discoveries might be useful to them. To bridge this gap, either or both sides need to engage in search activities through innovation cells. Patents in medicine are considered a bad thing, as is usually make medicines or medical treatments more expensive. But in most cases, patents do not prevent research, although they may increase the price of medical treatment.

I congratulate JK Educational Council for organizing condolence meetings in association with Science Council to pay tributes to Prof. Gh. Mohiuddin Bhat and Dr. Mustahson Fazili for their outstanding contributions in science. We are indebted to Prof Qazi S Azhar, while paying gratitude to Prof Bhat said that it is loss to society, as he left us at the prime of his career. The Professor have guided, groomed and taught many generations but unfortunately it came to standstill suddenly. His legacy of selfless service in lower and higher education shall continue and the young brains bringing their models of innovations need to be guided and groomed, as he used to do. It is always sad when a professor dies untimely. It can mean the loss of a valued faculty member, a respected colleague and a beloved mentor.

(Dr. M. A. Shah is an Associate Professor | P.G Department of Physics National Institute of Technology Srinagar (NIT Srinagar) Hazratbal-Srinagar. He can be reached at: [email protected])

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