Peace and Economic Development

Peace and Economic Development

The rules in business administration always require a preliminary SWOT analysis that essentially determines the success or failure of a proposed business enterprise.

Among a plethora of factors that influence the workability of a specific business initiative, the political stability of that region is highly imperative.

Political steadiness and peace are two pivotal features that are requisite for business ventures to thrive while as in absence of such an affable atmosphere any such enterprise, whether large scale or small, will eventually tend to fail.

Since decades, the region of Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed its ominous share of violence and bloodshed where numerous innocent lives have been lost.

The recent political killings once again reflect immense agony and pain where mindless violence eventually grips everyone and all of us have to pay heavy prices for it.

The desire for economic emancipation and rise in industrial production along with making J&K a world class tourist destination remains a utopian dream unless we have attained a perpetual peace.

A rational approach needs to be incorporated for understanding the nature of this problem wherein we realize that economic prosperity and violence cannot go side by side.

From the J&K’s business fraternity to low income households, everyone has borne the brunt of this devastation.

However, history bears the testimony that those who tread the path of bloodshed & violence have achieved nothing and in turn have only added to the existing miseries.

J&K does possess enough potential in tourism, horticultural, hydroelectricity and many other sectors but the ultimate demand of the hour is to find this region’s potential in peace and harmony.

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