It was winter in the beautiful valley of Kashmir. CHILAI KALAN was almost to an end. Harsh coldness was dispersed everywhere. The night was too cold, srinagar has received it’s coldest night of the decade.

Coldness was giving a whiff of cold scent. Earth was wholly and solly covered with a blanket of fogg. At early in the morning I decided to offer salah ( FAJAR) in the mosque.

When I went out of my home and promptly on the way to mosque I saw a young, dynamic boy on one side of the road in an unconscious state with a liquor bottle in his hand. His face was towards the sky. I firstly frightened and called a nearby person.

Somehow we managed to lift him towards the nearby house,Where from he got his consciousness back. His body was smelling so bad. Drug is not only a name to say but a growing matter nowadays.

Drug is a medicine which has quick and physiological effect to our body. Drug addiction has become burning issue of the day. Young youths has become more Facinated about this fuss. Everyone is talking about the same issue but nobody is trying to minimize it.

When so ever I am scrolling my social media on, the first post which I am seeing is the disgusting face of any notorious drug peddler.

A widespread disorder ranges from drugs, alcohol addiction to gambling and even phone addiction.

Addiction is the harmful need to consume substances that have damaging consequences on the user. Addiction not only effects our physical body but can damage our mental health also. Addiction is the most common problem nowadays in the world.

Addiction is of many types like puffing of cigarettes, addiction towards smell ,addiction towards a person etc. Cigarette addiction has become a major issue to talk. One of the most unfortunate yet common addiction that affects millions today is drug addiction.

Addiction may harm your Neurological functioning and a person’s behaviour. Kashmir was supposed to be a paradise but alas! Mainstream has changed now from paradise to a valley of Bachants ( sharabi). Drug addiction includes abusing, alcohol, cocaine, heroine, painkillers and nicotine among others.

Drug addiction may cause harmonal Imbalancement. It for some time provides pleasure but is actually a poison to whole life. Survey has been done few years back which suggests that one Cigerate minimize your life by three years.

We all are talking about peace but we don’t know that how to bring peace. Peace  can be brought by bringing small pieces of peace together. The vibes of peace can’t move in the valley of bachants.

Uploading pictures of drug peddlers and ADDICTORS on social media ,making them bald are not going to minimize this issue. It can be minimised by mutual talking with a peddler or addictor. Young generation of both boys and girls are getting more and more involved in the matter of drug addiction.

Drugs contains carcinogenic chemicals which are the primary sources of so called as cancer.

Drugs destroys our kidney, lungs and other internal organs. Some injective drugs may cause mutation to the phenotype of entire body. Injective Drugs may leave you paralyzed forever.

Drugs for some time are source of happiness but it ultimately makes your immune system weak and grabs you in different kinds of diseases. In kashmir to some extent government is also responsible for this nonsence which are going in our society.

Police department need to play a crucial role in order to prevent and reduce the drug supply. Students has got indulged in this burning issue. Why this issue is growing day by day enormously. The effect of drugs to our health and to our society is quite immense and Unparrellel. Health is supposed to be a wealth.

Healthy mind always stays in healthy body. We all need to collab, we all need to make our hands together so as to supress the dominant genes of drugs.police department is showing laziness in their work, they take bribe from peddlers and let that nonsence thing happen is a one time asset.

We had become so vulgars as on each and every product of drug  , at the nearby side there are it’s ill effects already mentioned but still we keep drugs.

This issue can’t be resolved on the social media. For the same purpose we all need to act as responsible citizens by imposing banners on the walls at the public places, by installing drug addiction campaigns, by giving knowledge about it’s ill effects.

I hope someday people of our Nation would act as responsible citizens and will imbibe love for their nation because for a nation it’s citizens are it’s important assets.

Come all let us give peace a chance to win, let us vanish the smell of liquor in our streets and imbibe scent of peace, so as to fragrant our valley. Come all let us say no to drugs and yes to life. 

Author : MOHAMMAD WASEEM TELI from Hajjan Sonawari a BSC 3rd sem student from GDC Sumbal. 

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