People of this Pattan village cross river to reach the road

People of this Pattan village cross river to reach the road

Srinagar, Dec 28 (GNS): The people of Dargam, Pattan in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district demand a bridge to reach to the main road which is separated from the village by a river.

The people have been crossing the river to reach the main road as there is no alternative route.

Though everybody in this village suffers but the students and patients are the worst hit, the locals said, adding that the absence of bridge puts the lives of the children (students) at risk.

They said whenever water level increases in the river, the students don’t go to school as they face a lot of problems while crossing, thereby affecting their studies.

The patients also face a similar situation and people are left with no option but to carry them on the bed to reach the main road.

“Many times, patients have lost their lives while crossing the river,” they told GNS.

The locals said they have several time requested the government to construct a bridge but to no avail.

It is extremely unfortunate that the government is insensitive towards the issue concerning the lives of people, they said and reiterated their appeal to authorities to bridge the gap between the village and the road.

Advisor Khursheed Ahmad Ganie told reporters: “I have noted this issue and assure people that tomorrow the concerned executive engineer will visit the spot and will see the what possible should be done to address the genuine problem  after receiving the report through deputy commissioner.” (GNS)

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