People’s Voice, Mentor and Journalist friend left for heavenly abode.

People’s Voice, Mentor and Journalist friend left for heavenly abode.

“We have several things to discuss. Come back from Bangalore. I am feeling alone here in Kashmir. Things are getting worse and we will have to think about other ventures besides journalism,” these were words of a friend, brotherly figure and my mentor, late Tanveer ul Ahad. It is hard to believe that he is no more and even harder to call him late Tanveer instead of ‘Tannu Bhai’.

Suhail, as he usually used to call me, the voice, the love filled in the voice will never be heard again. It is for real, I can’t believe!

Few days back, we had a long conversation soon after Iftaari and it is normal.

Nobody even thought that it will be our last conversation and angel of death with separate us in this world. Shall meet you there in never ending life InshaAllah, my brother!

10 years ago when I was an amateur journalist, one day I bumped into Tanveer ul Ahad, and that moment changed my life, my perspective, my personality and my journalistic life.
“Suhail, if your journalism won’t ease out the problems of our society, won’t help the needy around, if it doesn’t give you inner peace after solving problems of people facing adverse circumstances, then you and your journalism is a waste. You can earn a lot by cheating and blackmailing people while being in journalism but you can gain peace of mind and heart by helping people and lessening their pains.”

His words touched me and changed me altogether a lot. He was a fearless journalist, we used to call him ‘News Breaker’. He never compromised on certain things come what may! When it came to taking administration head on for their mismanagement, he never stepped back. His boldness made me a fan of Tanveer.

He always used to say for downtrodden, needy people, get up and be their brand ambassador. Help them out. Be brave. And today my brave mentor is resting in his grave, putting a huge task on my shoulders. With him it was always easy to come out of any adverse situation. In him, we have lost a selfless individual who worked for the people of Kashmir without expecting anything in return and those who even don’t know him.
But I am sure, in the journalist circle and friend circle Tannu will be remembered for his fine work and selfless efforts to help everyone in need.
What I am today, my name in journalism, my boldness, my understanding of situations it is only because of late Tanveer.

My condolences to family and friends. Sad that I couldn’t even see off my mentor on his final journey but my prayers are there for the departed soul. May Allah grant his highest place in Jannat ul Firdous. Aameen.

Suhail Khan

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