Presidential rule in J&K can’t change anything as far as Modi Govt rules in center: Mani Shankar Aiyar

Presidential rule in J&K can’t change anything as far as Modi Govt rules in center: Mani Shankar Aiyar

Wahid Bhat

SRINAGAR, DEC 19 (PTK): Senior congress leader and former Union minister Mani Shankar Aiyar said presidential rule in Jammu and Kashmir can’t change anything as far as Modi Government is rules in center, Modi wants Kashmir not Kashmiries and its facts”.

While speaking to News agency Press Trust of Kashmir Mani Shankar said, “Situation can’t be normal in Kashmir until Modi govt is ruling in India, even governor rule can’t change anything so far then what presidential rule can change in Kashmir”.

“Modi government have done everything to killing people, and create is type of situation in Kashmir. Absolutely not. There is not going to be any change on the ground. By militarising, you are not bringing in peace, it will bring in only fear in the minds of people” Mani added.

“Seen from July this year with BJP break alliance with PDP in Kashmir till date the situation of Kashmir is totally worst and dangers” he added. He added “we all know that India, Pakistan and political parties have to play a major role, but there are vested interests who do not want peace in Kashmir.

“I will give you an example. Tourism is a major area that can bring peace within the state and bring all communities together. But there are people who see to it that tourism suffers in the state. Politicians created the problem and used the people of Kashmir for their survival”, he said.

He added that BJP play with article 35a, 370 but they can’t do anything with it adding that Kashmir has been harmed by BJP’s presence in this alliance, and the PDP too has been harmed. “The BJP has a visceral dislike of Kashmiris; it has no sympathetic understanding of what it is that is causing the unrest on such prolonged basis and in such a profound manner in the valley”, he said.

When asked about 2019 elections Mani Shankar Aiyar said, “I hope its Common Minimum Programme includes a constructive commitment to dialogue with dissident elements in the valley. And on a parallel but different track, pledges to promote such relations with Pakistan as Manmohan Sigh and Musharraf were promoting, which would have definitely kept at least two-thirds of Kashmir in India but eased the situation, promoted democracy in the valley”.

He further added, “We wish in coming years Kashmir issue can be solved as the election are coming. If congress came in power we hope that they can start talks with Hurriyat and Pakistan and solve all the issue”. He added, “I hope next government can find the way to solve all the issue with Pakistan”. (PTK)

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