Pulwama residents protest against improper drainage system

Jahangeer Ganaie

Pulwama, Nov 19 : Inhabitants of Zasow village in Lassipora belt on Thursday staged a protest against the authorities for ‘failing’ to provide drainage system in their area.

According to the news agency, the residents blocked the main Litter-Pulwama road to protest against the government, which resulted in the traffic chaos in the area.

Witnesses said that the vehicles in large number remain stranded on the roads due to blocking of road by the protesters.

The residents said that the authorities have failed to provide them a proper drainage system, which has resulted in immense hardships to them.

“We time and again appeal the higher ups to provide proper drainage system in the area so that the residents here could heave a sigh of relief,” they said.

They said that by paying no heed over their sufferings, the authorities are ignoring their plights.

They appealed to the higher ups to look into the matter and redress their genuine grievances at an earliest.

A team of police headed by SHO Lassipora Hafeez Choudhary later visited the spot and pacified the protestors by assuring them that their grievances will be redressed soon following which the protest was called off—(KNO)

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