Raising Awareness: A Solution to India’s Cardiac Healthcare Crisis


Dr. Bimal Chajjer

In a startling revelation, it has been estimated that over 10 crore people in India suffer from various forms of cardiac ailments each year, necessitating procedures such as Angioplasty or CABG bypass surgery. However, the current healthcare infrastructure in the country can only accommodate around 5 Lakh procedures annually across all hospitals. With this immense burden, it would take at least 20 years to perform 1 crore procedures even if the healthcare system operates at full capacity, making it an insurmountable challenge for years to come. The growing population exacerbates the issue, indicating that cardiac procedures may not be effectively addressed for another century, even with the development of an ideal healthcare infrastructure. It is evident that relying solely on bypass surgeries and angioplasty is not a viable long-term solution.

The grim reality demands urgent action to prevent heart diseases through lifestyle improvements and dietary changes. It is crucial to raise awareness among the population about the importance of maintaining a healthy heart and to focus surgical interventions primarily on the 1% of patients who are critically in need. In addition, managing hypertension, diabetes, and cholesterol through prescribed medications is vital in mitigating the risks associated with heart ailments.

Heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death in most countries worldwide, with India at the forefront in terms of the number of heart patients. Shockingly, one person succumbs to heart disease every 10 seconds in the country, resulting in approximately 9,000 deaths per day and 30 lakh deaths per year. The current state of cardiology is failing to address this crisis adequately.

Through the methodology of 30 years of Science and Art of Living (SAAOL) over 5 Lakh cardiac patients currently follow these simple, easy-to-adopt techniques to prevent heart diseases and associated complications. Early detection of cardiovascular conditions is crucial for effective management through counseling, education, and medications, thereby mitigating risks. Educating individuals about their hearts, maintaining a healthy body, and the detrimental effects of an unhealthy lifestyle is the first step toward creating awareness. This knowledge forms the foundation for behavioral changes that can be facilitated through the EduVaccine module created to address the Indian mindset.

Cardiovascular diseases are the primary cause of death worldwide, accounting for 17.9 million fatalities in 2019, representing 32% of all global deaths. Low- and middle-income countries, such as India, bear the brunt of these diseases, with over three-quarters of cardiovascular disease deaths occurring in these regions. The majority of CVD deaths are preventable by addressing behavioral risk factors, including unhealthy diet, tobacco use, physical inactivity, obesity, and excessive alcohol consumption.

The Punyya Life Foundation, through its SAAOL initiative, aims to reach 50 Crores of people in India within the next five years with its Free EduVaccine program. The initiative combines free medical check-up camps with educational videos that provide crucial information on maintaining a healthy heart. This year, Punnya is expected to reach over 5 Lakh individuals through these camps. Organizations or resident associations interested in conducting Eduvaccine camps are encouraged to contact Punyya for further collaboration.

Every Indian is urged to take a moment today and reflect on their daily activities, food habits, and relationships, considering the stress and its impact on their lives. By taking this introspective step, it is possible to initiate the reversal of heart diseases and associated lifestyle complications. Remember, you are not a patient until you undergo invasive cardiovascular treatments; until then, you have the potential to reverse your coronary conditions and restore normalcy.

The time to prioritize education and prevention in the fight against heart diseases is now. Together, we can make a substantial impact on the well-being of millions of individuals and alleviate the burden on the healthcare system, ultimately leading to a healthier and heart-conscious India.

  Dr. Bimal Chajjer, Founder – SAAOL & Punyya Life Foundation

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