Ram Madhav Sends Legal Notice to Former J&K Governor Satyapal Malik


NEW DELHI — Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s (RSS) Ram Madhav on Thursday sent a legal notice to former Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satyapal Malik, who alleged that he (Ram Madhav) was involved in corruption.

Madhav through legal notice stated, “Malik made untrue and defamatory statements to stay relevant in a political circle”

Ram Madhav, Rashtriya Karyakarini Sadasya of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in legal notice stated, “You the addressee are well known in the political circles, however, lately owing your fading popularity and relevance, and to stay relevant in the social life of this country, for the sake of gathering public attention through sensationalism you have made certain untrue, defamatory, and incriminating statements on the said YouTube channel in an interview on 08.04.2023 in conspiracy with the interviewer of a Youtube channel.”

Madhav seeks immediate issuance of an open and public apology from Malik within 48 hours of receipt of this Notice, for the mental agony and harassment faced by him.

A legal notice sent through Advocate Ayush Anand stated, “Malik deliberately and Maliciously conspired to defame my client Ram Madhav.”

It stated, “In a conspiracy to defame my client the editors and interviewer have deliberately and maliciously defamed my client by imputing his involvement in some health insurance scheme.”

Madhav stated that the claim made by Malik are baseless, disgraceful, and utter falsehood. This is nothing but an attempt to influence, albeit maliciously, an ongoing investigation into the matter related to Hydel Power Project that the CBI is conducting.

Ever since your interview was broadcasted, my client has been receiving phone calls and Twitter messages regarding the same. It is deeply disturbing for his regular work of nation-building of great importance. He is also receiving calls from many media groups and other organisations because of your act of gross misrepresentation of the facts and speaking untrue conjectures, stated the legal notice.

“Because of the baseless and unacceptable allegations made in the video interview his political image and credential among the masses are severely tainted, which may hurt him in future by creating negative prejudice,” stated the lawyer through legal notice.

Recently Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera targeted Ram Madhav in Satyapal Malik’s interview on a YouTube Channel and said, “Malik had claimed that a senior RSS functionary had offered him a bribe to clear two files related to ‘Ambani’ when he was the Jammu and Kashmir governor. Satyapal Malik in an interview had claimed the RSS functionary as Madhav.” — (PTI)


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