Rampant arrests exacerbates anger, gives rise to further uncertainty: Tarigami

Rampant arrests exacerbates anger, gives rise to further uncertainty: Tarigami

Srinagar, May 28 : CPI (M) leader M Y Tarigami Tuesday said the rampant arrest of people, especially youth, in recent times in south Kashmir and other parts of the valley are atrocious and undemocratic and such suppressive measures to contain dissent add to the already existing levels of alienation among the people.

In a statement issued, Tarigami said, “Arrests without any solid legal grounds do not augur well for the state. It has been done before as well in the state, but it has never yielded anything. On the other hand, it just exacerbates the anger and gives rise to further uncertainty.”

“We have always maintained that dissent should always have a place in a democratic society. Curbing the dissent and those holding a contradictory viewpoint is not democratic at all. On the other hand, such sections should be engaged,” Tarigami said.

He said arrest spree under the garb of law and order must stop and instead the youth be appealed to follow peaceful means to express their concern for justice and democratic rights. Using force and arrest as tool to silence the dissent will not only damage and destroy careers of our youth but it will surely prove detrimental results in future, he added.

Hundreds of people, especially youth, are languishing in jails and have been detained under Public Safety Act (PSA) and Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). In some cases, even after courts quashed the PSA, detained remain in prison as the police book them under the UAPA, he said, adding that this UAPA is being highly misused and it needs immediate review. The cases of those who have been detained under the PSA and UAPA need to be examined ahead of the Eid.

“We reject the repression and want peace to prevail in valley and not the silence of graveyard. Political leadership needs to have a political approach to solve the long pending political problem of the state. Security-oriented approach overtaking the political outreach, will end up being a loss for the people of Kashmir,” he added.

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