Repatriation of ReT teachers not to be enforced in winter zone: B.K Singh

Repatriation of ReT teachers not to be enforced in winter zone: B.K Singh


‘Draft of Transfer policy for ReT teachers ready, will take a month to make it official’


SRINAGAR, July 27: The latest government communication by virtue of which the directorate of school education Kashmir and Jammu were asked to repatriate all Rehbar-e-Taleem Teachers to their original places of postings upto July 29, shall not be implemented in the winter zone of J&K.

Talking exclusively to Kashmir Despatch, B.K Singh, secretary school education J&K said: “This government communication is primarily based on the violation of ReT recruitment rules which clearly had determined that these jobs were to be localized thus privileged only because of the nature of its recruitment process.”

He said that the administrative department of school education will not enforce this order in Kashmir valley because of the mid-session of academics in schools but the same will be implemented in Jammu province. “This order will supersede all the previous orders of transfers of the ReT teachers who have been shifted to different places from their original places of posting on different reasons,” Mr. Singh informed Kashmir Despatch.

The secretary school education department said that at the time of formulation of ReT scheme, the then government had kept this recruitment process confined to the village level which means there was bare minimum competition for seeking these jobs. “That means these jobs were privileged so there was no question of transferring these teachers leaving the local students high and dry,” he added.

When asked about main three grounds Marriage, Security and Health on which the maximum transfers of ReT teachers have been made from time to time by the successive governments in J&K, Mr. Singh said: “Security ground can be considered and marriage is also a valid ground but the same should have been considered at the initial level of formulation of this scheme by the then government.”

Asked about the transfer policy about ReT teachers, the secretary school education said: “The transfer policy of ReT teachers is almost ready and it will hardly take a month to make it official.”
He said that draft of this transfer policy is ready and the same would be first shared with the officers in the department before presenting the same to the government.

Pertinently, on July 25, the administrative department of school Education J&K directed its directors of Jammu and Kashmir divisions to repatriate all regularized Rehbar-e-Taleem Teachers (grade II/III/RReTs/3rd teachers) to their original places of posting and submit action taken reports to the administrative department upto July 29.

A letter shot by under secretary to the government school education department Mayank Sharma to the director school education Jammu and Kashmir vide number Edu-RET/1/2022-01 (CC No. 114045) dated July 25, had said: “I am directed to request to repatriate such teachers to their original place of postings. DDOs concerned shall not draw the salary of such teachers unless they back the place of postings.”

The education department has said that there was a violation in Rehber-e-Taleem (ReT) recruitment policy and subsequently ordered to repatriate ReT teachers to their original place of postings.

“A scheme under the title Rehbar-e-Taleem (ReT) was launched in Jammu and Kashmir to operationalize the schooling system at the gross root level,” the communication from the civil secretariat reads.

It also stated that the ReTs engaged under the scheme were eligible for regularization as ReT after successful completion of five years of service.

“These ReT teachers were further converted to teacher Grade-II and III and in that order at clause 3(a), it has been ordered and clearly mentioned that the service condition of the teachers-Grade-II shall be the same as prescribed for the general line teachers with the exceptions that they shall not be transferable except on the mutual transfer basis to the post of other teacher Grade-II, RReTs, ReTs in exceptional circumstances,” it reads.

It had further said, “However, from time to time the department has transferred and deployed a number of such teachers temporarily from their original place of postings to other places on one pretext or the other against the ReT recruitment policy.”

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