Revelations about Malnutrition in J&K startling

Revelations about Malnutrition in J&K startling

Malnutrition is a medical condition where body does not get enough nutrients that it requires to function properly. The main causes of malnutrition are inadequate intake of nutrients rich food, digestive conditions or effects of any other disease.

The main symptoms of malnutrition may occur in form of fatigue, dizziness and even weight loss. If malnutrition goes untreated it can even cause physical or mental disability and even extreme cases even death.

For long time, the region of J&K was believed to be free from malnutrition but the recent startling reports from NITI Ayog have shaken this common non-factual perception.

According to these statistics around 29 lakh women have been diagnosed as anemic and under-weight which directly points towards the worrisome health conditions of women living in Jammu and Kashmir.

Furthermore, the report reveals that more than 15 Lakh children below age five are suffering due to malnutrition. These staggering reports have created ripples in the social fabric of J&K and debunked the commonly believed notions.

The deplorable health condition of women directly affects the growth and health of their children as well. Thia reports pointa toward a rising in such curves if appropriate and timely action is not taken.

The unbridled spread of malnutrition will further affect the births and even health of new borns who may exhibit impaired growth and even severe medical conditions from birth. This will also trigger the fatality rates of young children who may not survive the infancy.

It is high time for government and even social organisation to tackle this challenging catastrophe that has enough potential to destroy our future generations and make life miserable for the people especially women folk who are least health conscious in our society.

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