Revenue Dept In Slumber As Land Mafia Busy In Encroaching State Land In Ganderbal

Revenue Dept In Slumber As Land Mafia Busy In Encroaching State Land In Ganderbal

Kashmir News Bureau exclusive

Ganderbal 10 Feb land  encroached by some miscellaneous land grabbers in Dignibal – Bakura area of the central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district.

The Locals are up against the high headedness of the  officials.They said that the encroached land mainly consists of grazing land on which the livestock of majority population depends.

Locals alleged that illegal encroachment of the State land, comprising hundreds of kanals, has taken place and officials are yet to look at the matter  and there seems Revenue Department officials are being hand-in-glove with the persons having vested interests.

They further said that during last few years the land mafia is illegally selling the state land to some gulible persons and nearly thirty to fifty construction has been made on the state land. The government authorities should start investigation to find all the accused in the scam.

Another local wishing anonymity said that “the whole incident is in notice of officials and they are  deliberately allowing the encroaching of state land

The locals said that majority of the residents are farmers  having the livestock and said land is only grazing land available in the area, they demanded for the immediate retrieve of the grazing land  and appealed the DC Ganderbal for the timely action in the matter.

When Kashmir News Bureau contacted the DC Ganderbal piyush singh he said “The residents should come to me, So that issue can be checked and responded accordingly.

He further said that he didn’t knew the exact location of the area.

Important to know, J&K High Court earlier issued order that Shamilat Deh and Kahcharai (pasture land) are public utility lands for common benefit of people and cannot be usurped for private use by any individual , there is no action being taken against the violations of the order (KNB)

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