Revisit Srinagar Master Plan 2035


Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, has been growing at an unprecedented rate in the last few decades. The population of the city has almost doubled since the last census, and this trend is likely to continue in the coming years. In such a scenario, it is imperative that we revisit the Srinagar Master Plan 2035 and update it to reflect the current realities.

The Srinagar Master Plan 2035 was formulated in 2015 with the aim of creating a sustainable and livable city for its citizens. It was based on projections of the population and land use patterns up to the year 2035. However, the actual population growth has far exceeded the projections, and the city is facing a severe strain on its infrastructure and resources.

One of the key challenges that the city is facing is the lack of affordable housing. With the rapid population growth, the demand for housing has far outstripped the supply, and this has led to a proliferation of unauthorized settlements and slums. These settlements lack basic amenities and services, and their residents are forced to live in substandard conditions.

Another challenge is the strain on the city’s transportation infrastructure. The increase in the number of vehicles on the roads has led to congestion and air pollution. The public transportation system is inadequate and poorly managed, making it difficult for the residents to commute within the city.

Given these challenges, it is crucial that we revisit the Srinagar Master Plan 2035 and update it to reflect the current realities. The updated plan should focus on creating affordable housing and improving the transportation infrastructure. It should also prioritize the provision of basic amenities and services to the residents of the city, especially those living in unauthorized settlements and slums.

The updated plan should also take into account the need to protect the city’s natural and cultural heritage. Srinagar is known for its beautiful lakes, gardens, and historic monuments, and it is important to ensure that they are preserved for future generations.

The rapid population growth in Srinagar has created significant challenges for the city. Revisiting the Srinagar Master Plan 2035 and updating it to reflect the current realities is essential to create a sustainable and livable city for its citizens. It is time for the authorities to take action and ensure that Srinagar remains a beautiful and prosperous city for generations to come.


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