Roll back GAD order or face mass agitation

Roll back GAD order or face mass agitation

Srinagar, May 27 : Darbar Move Employees Federation (DMEF) J&K State President OvaisWani criticized the Governor’s administration for coming up with a vague order against the contractual, need –basis and daily-wagers.

Terming the order anti-youth and discriminatory in nature, Wani called for an immediate rollback of the order so that the youth who have been engaged in different departments will have a sigh of relief.

He also said that it is ironic that instead of coming up with a concrete policy to secure the future of youth who are sacrificing their present at meager remunerations in different government departments.

The Governor administration should realize the grave the situation on different fronts in the state and the battle of the youth on different fronts to earn their livelihood.

The order passed by the GAD will further add unemployment in the state.

After the Government issued this anti-youth order, an emergency the meeting was called by the Federation and it was decided to support the contractual, need- basis employees in every way till their regularization.

The meeting also formed a five-member committee which will reach to all stakeholders including all permanent and contractualemployees’ unions of all departments, business leaders, Secretaries, Advisors and Governor besides daily-wager unions so that a full-scale agitation is launched to end the exploitation of our qualified youth and secure their future.

“We believe in sitting together and talking with all stakeholders to find a solution. We don’t want to resort to strike and always suggest other organizations also not to go for it. We believe it only harms our already ailing economy. But at the same time Government should not be insensitive to the demands of the contractual employees who are highly qualified, “Wani said.

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