Sacrificing Their Dreams!

Sacrificing Their Dreams!

By Suhail Khan

He lost his best friend, father and mentor but the deceased father couldn’t see his son achieving the target, goal, a position that he had once dreamt about.

Parents sacrifice everything, their time, energy, youthful moments, their wishes and at times kill their choices and needs but they make sure to fulfil the needs and wishes of their children. They don’t ask for any return but they want to see their children reaching some higher position, earning a good life.

However few dreams just vanish in thin air. Alas!

Yesterday only we saw a young energetic boy who cracked NEET with flying colors losing his father due to some health issues. The father had dreamt several things about his son. And now it was time to watch him grow and excel. But unfortunately, he expired without watching his son achieve a bigger position.

Such tragedies break your heart into pieces. May God enable the parents watch the success of their kids. Aamen.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.

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