Safina Beigh met Sikh leader Amanjeet Singh

Assures development for community

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Baramulla, Nov 29 : Safina Beigh who is contesting District Development Council (DDC) elections in Wagoora Constituency on Sunday during a rally met a prominent sikh youth leader and chairman sikh youth of Jammu and Kashmir (SYJK) Amanjeet Singh at his residence at Shakwara and urged his support for upcoming DDC elections.

As per the reports, Safina Beigh who addressing a rally in Shakwara met Amanjeet and had a detailed conversation with him.

Safina Beigh first greeted Amanjeet Singh and his community on 551th Birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev, which is to be celebrated on Monday.

Safeena Beigh in an conversation with Amanjeet Singh said that she will reddress Sikh community’ issues at every level and will take care of their community like their own. Moreover, she promised that no discrimination will be done to the community at any level as she will work for their development with all possible means.

She further said that we need Sikh community as they are part of us and they deserve development as much like the other communities. Moreover, if leaders like Amanjeet keep supporting us then things will get better every day.

Meanwhile, Amanjeet Singh assured full support and appeals to all community and other voters of block Wagoora to caste their votes in favour of Safina Beigh.

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