Shah Faesal launches crowd funding campaign

Shah Faesal launches crowd funding campaign

Shah Faesal launches crowd funding campaign


SRINAGAR, Jan 23: Stating that he is mulling to float his own political party, Shah Faesal who plunged into politics after resigning from Civil Services Wednesday sought donations from the people. In a facebook post Shah Faesal wrote that he had never imagined that his small act of defiance to highlight political deadlock in Jammu and Kashmir would evoke such a response across the world.

“I had never thought that my dream of clean politics and corruption-free administration in J&K would take the shape of a public movement. Respecting the public sentiment, I have decided to chart my independent political journey.”

“And now in this new phase of public service, my mission is to support the true cause of humanity, stand up for the poor, marginalized and dispossessed and speak up for injustices, wherever in this world, irrespective of caste, colour, region, and religion,” Shah Faesal wrote.

Shah Faesal wrote that: “I imagine a politics where youth can lead the change and take charge of their future; I wish to partner with a new generation of young leaders who can stand up for human rights, environment, free speech and rule of law.”

“My idea is to seek help from the people of India, build alliances with the Indian civil society and intellectual class to humanize the narrative around Kashmir conflict so that lasting peace can be achieved in J&K State.”

“My mission is to truthfully represent aspirations, culture, fears, and dreams of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, across the world. I wish to facilitate dialogue between people of various regions of the State – Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh, Pir Panchal, and Chenab Valley so that an environment of amity and brotherhood can be built.”

“I believe that development and dignity must go together, and we have to work together for giving a sense of security, better education, healthcare, livelihoods, electricity and other civic amenities to people of J&K State.”

“This is a people’s movement and it will be funded by the people. People are the only agency who will help this succeed. Believe in me, be patient with me in this long and difficult journey and donate for this cause,” Shah Faesal wrote.

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