Shun Routine Inertia

Shun Routine Inertia

Shun Routine Inertia

With the tumbling temperatures in Kashmir, the latest snowfall has added to the seasonal vagaries for the people of Valley. More so, in its cut-off, border areas.  As usual, the administration seems to have taken cursory measures to deal with the situation.

What adds, to the woes of people, in winter season especially in Srinagar are the same age old problems that are faced by the people every winter. Irregular schedule of electricity especially in non metered areas, water logging, shortage of fuel and ration especially in economically downtrodden zones and the frequent traffic snarls.

Every year in winter season, the administration issues the already prepared press statements assuring of its full preparedness in dealing with any kind of eventuality.  But the ground reality always differ with the claims made by the people at the helm of affairs sitting in their warm and cozy rooms—be it in their government offices or homes.

Since the State is presently under President’s rule, the governor led administration is expected to take stock of the situation and ask its officers to shun the routine administrative inertia.

The advisors to the Governor are anticipated to maintain a connect with the ground realities so that the people of Kashmir no more feel neglected at the hands of present dispensation.  Frequent visits of Advisors to the Valley or for that matter, use of video conferencing from winter secretariat to make local administration accountable is the key to make this freezing winter a hassle free season for the trouble torn people of Kashmir.

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